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Community insights that drive customer retention.

Stop, Drop & Analyze.

  • Discussion Analysis

    Understand your community’s needs and wants. Access discussion analysis on any topic, source, thread, or author.

  • Themes and Topics

    Get immediate feedback on what your community is talking about. Overall summary of key issues and discussion topics.

  • Reports

    Gather all the feedback into one easily shareable report. Customized reports that fit your workflow.

React Quickly When in Crisis Mode.

  • Sentiment Analysis

    View the overall sentiment of the community, or sentiment on specific topics of discussion.

  • Instant Alerts

    Email alerts notify you of any changes in relation to sensitive topics, specific community members or hot threads.

  • Quick-Reply

    Quickly address any issue across multiple platforms within the same solution.

More Effective Engagement With Your Community.

  • Dashboard

    Get a quick overview of your community. Easily engage your community members across multiple platforms.

  • Author Insights

    Understand your community members before responding. Know the influencers, their behavior and their preferred topics.

  • Social Integration

    Connect your social profiles for better engagement with community members in their online venue of their choice.

With Resonata, community teams can expect to increase their productivity and lower the overall cost of community management.

Start your journey towards a better understanding of your community.

Resonata is a software-as-a-service that can be easily adapted to any community’s needs.

Your role in the journey is to supply us with information and we’ll take care of the rest.

You are three easy steps away from your personalized community analytics solution.

"Reliable monitoring of your community, across multiple platforms is a breeze with Resonata. Retrospective analysis, real time monitoring, profiling of users - Resonata makes it so much easier."
Petur Johannes Oskarsson - Senior Researcher at CCP Games

Petur Johannes Oskarsson Senior Researcher at CCP Games

"Resonata is a powerful new tool that has helped us keep up with our vast community while minimizing manhours."
Cade Peterson - Community Programs Specialist for PlayStation®Home

Cade Peterson Community Manager, PlayStation Digital Platforms

Gudmundur Gunnlaugsson

Gummi - Founder/Marketing

While many founders like the title "college dropout" that label was unacceptable to Gummi. Along with managing marketing and user research at Resonata he completed a bachelor's degree in psychology from the University of Iceland and a master's degree in Marketing and Business Analysis from the University of Edinburgh. Today, he manages traditional and social marketing as well as user behavior research.

Gunnar Holmsteinn

Gunnar - Founder/CEO

Gunnar last worked at Coca-Cola as a Brand Manager, mostly on projects in Market Research. He’s still the youngest person to receive the “Rannis Research Grant,” and is also a popular lecturer both within the academic society as well as tech events like SXSW Interactive. Gunnar studied Engineering in the University of Iceland and Denmark’s Technical University. His task is to manage and communicate our vision.

Jon Edvald

Jon - Founder/Developer

Jon Edvald is our go-to guy, both when we need a fresh thought regarding a business decision and especially when the programmers hit walls that need tearing down. Because Jon is the original architect of the system, his vision is paramount to the future development of the company. Jon is without a doubt one of Iceland’s brightest minds, and it is put to excellent use here at CLARA.

Maggi Trymbill

Maggi - Founder/Designer

When Maggi studied Web Design in secondary school, he was already far more competent than the people teaching, and ever since, he has outrun our education system in terms of web design and programming. One of the early shareholders in the company, he managed to quit his day job and has been all in since early spring of 2009. He’s in charge of web and portal design and implementation, a.k.a. UI/UX, a.k.a. Chief Design Officer.

Richard Alexander Vidrio

Rick - Sales

While it is true everyone has a story, Rick’s sales and travel experiences are so vast and gripping they almost sound fictional. As a Californian, Rick is familiar with the culture of San Francisco and the West Coast and understands the needs they present. In addition to his degree in Business Administration and Marketing, and his trustworthy and optimist nature, makes him prepared to sell and market our products.

Steinn Steinsen

Steinn - Developer

Steinn is very talented programmer that has experience in managing complex computer systems and developing large computer games. Prior to joining CLARA he was a programmer at Lionhead Studios where he worked on the game Fable 3. Steinn works on lower level programming to assist the text mining engine, with the main goal of making what already is fast even faster. He’s in charge of our computer infrastructures and back-end programming.

Sveinbjorn Indridason

Svenni - CFO/COO

Svenni was on the committee that invented money and has extensive experience managing finances. He recently joined the executive team at CLARA to assist with our rapid growth. His experience comes from the Investment and banking industry as he was a part of the team that founded the investment firm FL Group and became their CFO. He's our money guy.

Sverrir A. Berg

Sverrir - CTO

Sverrir is older than technology and that makes him the perfect CTO. There's no problem that he hasn't tackled and no challenge can faze him. He joined the team after being involved in several startups such as the legendary OZ.com and mildly famous Google. Sverrir is in charge of leading the development team and keeping a short leash on the younger rascals.

Tomas Arni Jonasson

Tomas - Developer

Juggling 5 balls at the same time, playing Flight of the Bumble Bee on piano and calling CERN his home away from home - Tomas is our newest and most talented developer, yet! He only eats Snickers® when they're bought in a 10 pack and every other week he buys a huge cake that he eats, by himself, without gaining a pound. Ladies, he's a keeper.

We were born in Reykjavik, raised in San Francisco & thrive on planet Earth.

Find us at Jive Software's Palo Alto HQ - 325 Lytton Ave, Suite 200, Palo Alto, CA.